About Me

My name is Muchlis, I was the fourth child of six children, I was born in the city pempek, Palembang southern Sumatra, exactly. since elementary school grades 4 I've lived dijawa, central java, exactly. 

Semarang and cilacap are 2 cities that I live up to selasai lecture at Diponegoro University with my interest in computer science, 2 years working as a programmer, I now expanding into the telecommunications sector in Jakarta, as the target of my knowledge.

About the blog, writing and sharing is something fun, and very happy when those two things be useful to others. Personally, this blog is my place to deliver these things, hoping there is a better value to be gained from it. because that's when we really could feel the inner satisfaction, which can be useful to as many people.

Muchlis sharing this area contains the things I think are trying to pull me focus on areas that did I go through this during this time. namely on information technology, especially computer programming, and currently is in the field of telecommunications, so based on that, then automatically also the majority of this blog will discuss it a lot.

Friend is a boost when you almost stop, guide the way when you get lost, emit a patient smile when you mourn, to help you when you almost slip and draping pearl prayer beads on your chest ... Ikhwan and Akhwat... 
I hope our hearts are connected by Allah SWT"